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LEGO + Apple + Pixar = LEGO iMac G4 Junior.
Follow me on Twitter for more links, craziness, and LEGO/Apple/Gadget stuff; @tveskov

So one of my all-time favorite Macs (I've had a few) is the iMac G4. Recently I got my hands on a 7" photoframe which happened to look somewhat like the screen from the good ol' iMac, so I wanted to try and create a mini-version using LEGO elements;

There is no Apple hardware inside (for now), but the screen can display videos, images and TV (there's a digital TV tuner built in). I almost managed to get a motorized CD-tray in there, but most of the space in the bottom was needed for weight-elements. The screen is rather heavy so there is a lot of stress on the swivelling arm, but it worked out quite well.

The Pixar inspiration comes from Luxo Jr (still well worth watching 23 years after it was made). So there you have it; Three of the greatest companies in world rolled into one (with a bit of LEGO Fail Whale thrown in for good measure).

Follow me on Twitter for more links, craziness, LEGO, Apple and Pixar stuff; Twitter: @tveskov.
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    16 kommentarer    

   Tveskov - you're the MAN!

   af Blogger HelligAnden  

   Wow, helt genialt!

   af Blogger fiskeben  

   Det er så råddent fedt, det der!

   af Anonymous rankenberg  

   kinda cool haha. good job!

   af Blogger  

   Beautiful! :-)

   af Blogger Ask Bjørn Hansen  

   What photo frame is that ?
how do you get your mac to display on it ? video out from a mac to the tuner of the photo frame ?

   af Anonymous Anonym  

   Congrats - featured på Engadget! :-)

   af Anonymous Claus Sennov  

   Thanks for the comments.

The Mac desktop pictures are just screenshots viewed via the memorycard-reader. The photoframe is a cheap no-name product, but the TV-tuner works really well for casual news viewing etc.

   af Blogger tveskov  

   I would love a online picture frame that did nothing else than slideshow the Big Picture feed...

   af Blogger phook  

   The likelihood is that there's hardware inside that frame equivalent in power to that inside early Macs - could make it a functional system.

   af Blogger Claus Dahl  

   Lego is more than just a toy!

   af Anonymous ????  

   Wow, I really like it! How long did it take to build this?

   af Blogger ui111  

   took about 8 hour total.

   af Blogger tveskov  

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