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Malcolm McLaren* er død. Jeg tror egentlig ikke McLaren var noget specielt rart menneske (se. f.eks den fabelagtige bog The Wicked Ways of Malcolm McLaren) men han var en sand innovatør, provokatør og inspirator, he made a dent in the Universe™

Too much of that snow white...

“Rock and roll doesn't necessarily mean a band. It doesn't mean a singer, and it doesn't mean a lyric, really. It's that question of trying to be immortal.”
Citat Malcolm MacLaren

Sometimes on a legendary night
Like the closing of the Garage
When the crowd is calling down the spirits
Listen, and you will hear all the houses that walked there before...

Sez McLaren: I spend my life and time trying to remain That's the thing to do right now and the only way to do that is to be anti-corporate. And when I go to places like Auckland and Sydney, I suspect my job is - when I talk to those concerned in the media, to those concerned in business, and the corporate world is how could I make them realise that they could have better sex with their wives if they were a little
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